NAPA TRACS Enterprise WO Generation

Autoflow’s NAPA TRACS Enterprise integration allows the ability to create a digital work order (WO)

Step 1: Create labor items in NAPA TRACS Enterprise and generate the WO

  • After you have added your labor lines and parts
  • In the “Key Tag” Field type WO. WO can go before or after your Key Tag number if you are using them.
  • Save ticket

Step 2: Open the WO in Autoflow

  • You can open the WO from 2 locations.
  • Click on the drop-down arrow next to DVI under the customer information and select WO..
  • Click on the WO button in the workflow
  • Once the WO is opened the tech will see the labor and parts for the approved jobs

*Note: Click here for the training page on how to use WO

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