Protractor Adding tickets to Autoflow

Automatic ticket creation in Autoflow from Protractor.

Transfer Criteria:

For a transfer to occur, your ticket must contain these items:

  • Customer first and last name (or a business name)
  • Customer Phone number: Autoflow will use any number, but will pull first from the mobile field.
  • Service Item: Year Make and Model
Build ticket in Protractor

1. Ensure all ticket criteria is met

  1. Gather Service Item Year, Make, and Model
  2. Enter client name or business name
  3. Enter Cell or Mobile number
Save the ticket in Protractor

2: Save the Ticket

  • Save the ticket in Protractor
  • Autoflow can be mapped to any status. Best practice is to start in “Vehicle on Site”
  • See Status Mapping for more details.
Instant ticket transfer from Protractor to Autoflow

3: Checkin!

  • The instant the ticket is saved, the ticket will appear in Autoflow
  • Concerns added to the ticket in Protractor will be shown in Autoflow as the RVH (Reason Vehicle is Here)
  • Inspections can be mapped to Autoflow: see details on inspection integration

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