Protractor Appointment Sync

Appointments created in Protractor are synchronized with Autoflow

Add your appointment in Protractor

Add your appointment in Protractor

  1. Choose a time
  2. Add Client and Vehicle Criteria
  3. First/Last name or Business name /br
    Year, Make, and Model /br
    Cell Phone number

  4. Click Select
Appointment appears in Autoflow

Appointment appears in Autoflow

  • Customer is added to that active customer page and Autoflow Calendar
  • If it is an appointment for today, it will appear directly on the main screen tagged with a letter “A”
  • If it is an appointment for a later date, it will also be tagged, but will be found under “Future Scheduled Appointments” until the day it is scheduled.
    • You can interact and text from the future scheduled appointments tab per usual.
Appointment Text Notifications

Appointment Text Notifications

Auto-Sent immediately:

  • “[Hello FN], you are not scheduled for an appointment on (date time). Please reply Y to confirm. [Company Signature & Phone Number]”

Auto-Sent day before appointment:

  • “[Hello FN], this is a reminder, you have an appointment with us tomorrow at (date time). [Company Signature & Phone Number]”

Appointment messages can be modified but will always include greeting/signature as specified in company setup.

The initial confirmation also by default includes a confirmation request.

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