ROW Adapter Troubleshooting

RO Writer Adapter v2 Overview Video

If tickets are not transferring from RO Writer to Autoflow the first thing to check is the Autoflow Adapter.

The Autoflow Adapter is installed on only one system in each shop and is either on the RO Writer server or another system connected to the server.
If the adapter was not running it will start.
If it is already running the system will prompt with a warning box like the one shown here:
If the adapter is already running, close it from the system tray in the bottom right hand corner of the desktop.
To find the adapter the tray icons may need to be expanded by clicking the up arrow.
Once the adapter has been located in the system tray, right click on the icon, then click Exit to close the adapter.
Once open, minimize the window to the system tray.
It will show a dialog box to confirm it is still running.

Troubleshooting Next Steps

If tickets are still not transferring, verify the vehicle has valid information. Tickets require Name, Phone Number, and Vehicle Year, Make and Model to transfer.

Also verify the ticket is within the look back range for the adapter, usually 3-5 days. If the ticket is older than this update the arrived date in RO writer to Now and change RO status again, the ticket should then transfer to Autoflow.

If no tickets are transferring after restarting the adapter please contact support for additional assistance.