Tekmetric Custom RO Labels

Syncing Tekmetric RO Labels with Autoflow Workflow

Integrate your custom labels in Tekmetric with your custom Autoflow workflow and have full two way sync with your workflow.

Setup in Autoflow

Step 1: Toggle Custom Label Integration

Tekmetric RO Labels 1.1-min.
  • From an admin login open the Integration Setup page.
  • Turn the toggle for Tekmetric Custom RO Labels to YES.

Step 2:  Verify your Workflow

Tekmetric RO Labels 1.2-min.
  • From an admin login open up the Workflow Setup page
    • Verify your workflow has all the statuses you want and in the order you want them
    • Pay close attention to the spelling of each status title including capitalization
      • Parenthesis ( ) around silent statuses can be ignored for this

Note: to learn more about Workflow setup visit our training page.

Setup in Tekmetric

Step 3: Setup Your Custom Labels

Tekmetric RO Labels 1.3-min
  • Click on the RO Label tab in the upper left

  • Select Configure at the bottom of the dropdown menu

  • Enable Configurable Lables

  • Create your labels using the exact spelling as you statuses in Autoflow

    • Be mindful of which labels are defaults.

    • Remember to click Save


Not all labels in Tekmetric need to be in Autoflow. Any workflow and combo of labels can be used.
Autoflow highly recommends NOT using mapped labels in the ‘Estimate’ category of Tekmetric. This prevents non-active tickets from cluttering the Autoflow dashboard.
This method requires initial ticket approvals to trigger ‘Checkin’. (Work in Progress is the category approved items move to). For setup help reach out to support@autoflow.com

You are ready to go! Now whenever a Label is moved in Tekmetric it will move to the corresponding Status in Autoflow. When you move the status in Autoflow it will move to the corresponding Label in Tekmetric

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