Workflow Setup

It’s your shop.  Set your workflow your way.

We made it simple.

To add a status, use the fields at the top of the screen

Graphic Title

  • This is the title that you see on the main dashboard in the swim lane. Make this a simple abbreviation.

Drop down title

  • This is a longer phrase that clearly labels the step.

Text/Email Message

  • This is the message that will automatically be sent when the status is selected.

Send Text/Email Update

  • If this is set to “No”, the message you setup will NOT be sent and the step will be bracketed in ( parenthesis )

Select Display Time

  • Count Down
    • Starts from a time that the user selects when moving to this status
    • Ends at Zero – Turns orange at 15 mins, red at 5 mins remaining.
  • Count Up
    • Counts up from 0 infinitely
  • Open
    • No time, simply highlights the step
    • Note:  Time is still recorded for each step for reporting purposes, whether it is displayed on the dash or not.

Customize existing steps to your preferences

Click the titles of the step to expand the options

Video Walk-Thrus – Workflow Setup

How do I add a workflow step?

How do I move the DVI, WO, or QC buttons?

How do I make a Workflow Step quiet?

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