TireShop Status Sync

Beyond Checkin

Tireshop also syncs with Autoflow ready status and will auto-close tickets.

F8-Complete in Tireshop  is synced with Ready in Autoflow

For a transfer to occur, your ticket must contain these items:

  • Customer first and last name
  • Customer Phone number:  Autoflow will use any number, but will pull first from the mobile field.
  • Service Item year make and model

After completing the ticket in Tireshop, the ticket will update to the ready status in Autoflow.

F10-Invoice in Tireshop synced with auto-close in Autoflow.

After taking payment for the job, invoice and close the order in Tireshop by clicking F10 Invoice

This action will automatically close out the synced ticket from Autoflow and Tireshop simultaneously.

Employee Sync

Assign your technicians in Tireshop once. The same assignment will carry over to Autoflow.

Employee Sync works for both Techs and Service Advisors

To set this up, first identify the initials in the ID field in Tireshop.

Plug the Tireshop ID in the SMS Username field.

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