TireShop Ticket Transfer

From Tireshop to your Autoflow Dashboard

Fully Automated Ticket Transfer

For a transfer to occur, your ticket must contain these items:

  • Customer first and last name
  • Customer Phone number:  From the mobile field.
  • Vehicle year make and model (YMM)

With the Tireshop API, the user has no extra tasks to have the ticket appear in Autoflow.


If auto-checkin is enabled, the transfer is instant.

Administrators can toggle Auto-Checkin Yes or No in Tireshop

Navigate to the main menu and choose “Supplemental”
Next, click on Store Setup
From the Store Setup screen, select 3rd Party
From the pop-open menu, select Autoflow

Locate the field for “Auto Check-In”
1. Click Edit
2. Set the status you desire

Y = Auto Check-In enabled
N= Auto Check in disabled

Don’t forget to save!

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