Service Advisor Quick Start

As soon as you login – Everything is ready for you to begin using Autoflow.

SA Login

Logging In

  • Enter the sites URL in your Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Enter the username or email for your user
    • Default username is your first initial, lastname.
    • Username is NOT case sensitive
  • Enter the password provided by your administrator
    • Passwords ARE case sensitive

Once you are logged in, you can close the tab and reopen it as often as needed without having to re-log on that device.

SA Add Ticket

Adding a Ticket

  • Click the blue “+Quick Add” button on your Active Customer Screen to pop open the modal.
  • Collect Required Client information
    • Phone Number (required*)
    • Last name or business name (required*)
    • First name
  • Collect Vehicle Information (This can be added later if unknown.)
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model

Click blue “Add” button on bottom of the quick add modal.

SA Text

Texting Clients

  • Click the blue text button beneath the clients name to send a message.
  • Replies from the client turn the text orange and trigger additional notifications.
  • Click the orange text button to clear the notification or continue the dialogue.
SA Send
SA Send

View/Send Inspections

  • Click the orange DVI button to open a completed inspection for review
  • Edit notes, add images, adjust condition as needed before sending to client
  • Click the Text/Email button at the top of the DVI (This can only be done if the form has been submitted by a staff member)
  • Sent inspections are indicated with yellow DVI button.
  • Viewed inspection are indicated with a Green DVI Button.

Advisor logins can perform inspections exactly like a technician.

For more information on how to perform inspections: See Tech Quick Start.

Additional Technician Training can be found here: Service Advisor Training Overview.