Technician Quick Start

As soon as you login – Everything is ready for you to begin using Autoflow.

SA Login

Logging In

  • Enter the sites URL in your Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Enter the username or email for your user
    • Default username is your first initial, lastname.
    • Username is NOT case sensitive
  • Enter the password provided by your administrator
    • Passwords ARE case sensitive

Once you are logged in, you can close the tab and reopen it as often as needed without having to re-log on that device.

Open DVI

Opening the DVI

  • Click the blue DVI button located under the Customer/Vehicle information.
Collect Video

Collect Vehicle Information

  • Add profile photos of vehicle by selecting “CLICK HERE TO ADD PICTURES.”
  • Fill out the required fields of the vehicle information section (indicated by the red asterisk) – These are determined by your administrator.
Perform DVI

Performing the DVI

  • Add photos and videos by selecting the camera or video icons.
  • Add findings and recommendations by clicking the pencil icon labeled “Add notes.”
  • Select the condition for the line (green, yellow or red) If set-up, selecting a note may automatically trigger a condition.
  • Use the “Click Here to Complete Inspection” button at the bottom left of the page to sign off. Any incomplete required items will be highlighted.

Required lines items are indicated by the red (R).

Tire stores can also leverage the Multi-Axle Tire Inspection.

Techs can ignore the Yes/No toggle unless they are responsible for indicating approvals. This is for advisors to indicate approval of recommendations in the sales process.

Additional Technician Training can be found here: Technician Training Overview.