3GB of RAM is now recommended for all tablets running Android 10.

If your Android device has less than 3GB of memory, do not update to Android OS 10!

“What tablets should I use with the Autoflow DVI?”

Autoflow is 100% cloud-based, there are very few requirements to run on a tablet device. We put together this page in order to share some of the knowledge we have gained supporting shops like yours, and to recommend solutions we’ve found that work well.

Recommended Specifications for Tablets:

  • 3 GB Memory
  • 10″ screen
  • Chrome/Firefox Browser

Android Tablet

Android Tablet Image

8/16/2022 – NEW Android Tablet Recommendation

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A8 10.5″


Note: Any Android device using Android 10 operating system with less than 3Gb of RAM will cause an error when using image upload option in Autoflow (All other features will be usable under these specifications.)

Apple Tablet

Apple 8th generation iPad 10.2″ (Or Newer)

ipad 8th gen
Apple does not refresh iPads as often as they refresh iPhones.

The latest refresh running iOS 14.2 with the A12 processor and at least 2GB RAM offers fantastic performance.

A good choice for Apple fans, however with no built-in flash, an add-on LED light may be needed for capturing the best Digital Vehicle Inspection pictures.

Note: Device level notifications available on Androids only

Protective Cases

Protecting your technology investment should be a primary consideration when deploying tablets into your bays.
A hard shell case and screen protection are a must. There are many good solutions out there.
If the protective case you like doesn’t already include screen protection be sure to purchase screen protection separately.
Protective Tablet Case
The ZenRich line of cases are a popular choice. Available for both devices listed above and a wide range of popular tablets.

High Impact Resistant Heavy Duty Armor Cover with an adjustable and removable shoulder strap that can be worn around the shoulder. Plus a built in kick stand and a 360 degree Rotatable hand strap.

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