iDVI Report

Key Report Metrics

4.1 Key Report Metrics
  • iDVIs Sent – This is a count of the total number of unique iDVS Inspection Requests sent during the selected date range. This count does not include iDVIs that were resent during the period.
  • iDVIs Completed – This is a count of iDVIs of the total number of iDVI Inspections completed by repair facilities. This count does not include completion of resent iDVIs.
  • % Completed – This is the calculated percentage of iDVIs sent that were completed. iDVIs Completed divided by iDVIs sent.
  • Images – This is the total count of images on the completed iDVIs.
  • Videos – This is the total count of videos on the completed iDVIs.
  • Notes – This is the total count of notes entered on completed iDVIs.
  • Markings – This is the total number of markings on images contained in the iDVIs.

Report Data

4.2 Report Data
  • The data in the table section of the report gives specific information about each unique iDVI that was sent during the selected date range.
  • This report is also downloadable to CSV for convenience.

KPI Data Details

4.3 KPI Data Detail
  1. You can customize what KPI pills you want to see and in what order as well as selecting graphs by using the Settings menu.
  2. Clicking on the KPI pill itself will show you the detailed data behind each data point shown and in some cases download the data set to PDF or CSV.

Graphical Representation of Data

4.4 Graphical Data
  • Use the data to visualize trends.
  • Choose Line or Bar Graphs.
  • Customize the Data sets you would like to view.

Adjustor Report

4.5 Adj Report
  • The Adjustor Report gives insight to iDVIs Sent and iDVs closed by Adjustor.
  • This report can also be downloaded as a CSV for convenience.


  • My iDVIs completed number is greater than expected, why?
    • This can be due to a few different reasons. An iDVI could have been sent prior to the selected date range but completed inside the the selected date range.

    Note: iDVIs that get resent do not get counted as multiple sends or mutiple completions.

  • When does an iDVI get counted as completed?
    • iDVIs are counted as completed when the repair facility clicks the Complete Inspection button.
  • In the Adjustor Report, when is a iDVI considered closed?
    • The iDVI is counted as closed when the iDVI request is closed off of the Active Inspections dashboard by clicking the Close button in the workflow.

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