Manage and Leverage Groups or Multiple Numbers

Manage multiple numbers to communicate effectively.

Create and manage groups for fleets and families.

Autoflow Groups - Click to Edit Customer

1.) Click to Edit Customer

  • From the Active Customer Page, click the clients name
  • The pencil icon indicates you can edit information here
Autoflow Groups - Click to Edit Customer

2.) Click to edit the customer profile

  • For changes to groups or adding main phone numbers, edit the profile
  • Click to view customer profile at the top of the edit customer screen
Autoflow Groups - Edit Profile

3.) Add or remove or edit phone numbers

  • Click to add numbers, click the trash can to delete
    • You may need to add a new number before you can delete a primary number.
  • You may add non-texting numbers
  • You may choose to leave updates off for additional numbers.
  • Click save
Autoflow Groups - Add to groups

4.) Click to add clients to a group

  • Remove clients from a group (that clients individual records remain intact)
  • Add existing customers (clients that have been in Autoflow before)
    • You can also view this clients individual profile by clicking view profile on the right.
  • Add New Member (client has not yet been added to Autoflow)
    • This option can be ideal for drivers for fleets, or children of families using a parents vehicle
Autoflow Groups - Fleet Summary

5.) Group Fleet and History on one profile

  • Advisors and Admins can view fleet summary and client history from a single profile.
  • Additional details for group members visits can be seen in full detail through that members profile

Leveraging Groups / Multiple Numbers

Autoflow Groups - Active Customer Page image

1.) Clients in groups are easily identified on the Active Customers Page

  • From the Active Customers Page you can see the icons change on the text button
    • The +Text icon is amended with a group icon.
Autoflow Groups - Update toggles for groups

2.) autotext multiple numbers, or manual text.

  • Automatic updates are disabled for group members upon new each new ticket.
  • Click to edit customer information and toggle on the updates.
    • Toggle updates to yes
      • Click save
    • To manually text, click the text icon by the customer name.
Autoflow Groups - All Text

Text All

Select all to send a text to the entire group

Autoflow Groups - Text single group member

Text Main Client

Choose to send a text to any individual number, such as only the main client

Autoflow Groups - Multi Member Text

Text Combinations

Send Texts to any combination of clients

Pro Tip:

Although multiple clients can be texted simultaneously, the recipients will see these texts as 1-on-1 messages.  Replies will only be seen by the shop.

Autoflow Groups - DVI Send

3.) Send the DVI to multiple group members

  • Select which users should receive the inspection results.
  • The link will be shared with each individual.

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