M1 – Ticket Transfer

Transferring Tickets from Mitchell to Autoflow is triggered by the service advisor once the ticket status is set.

Mitchell 1 Ticket Criteria

Ticket Criteria: Required for Autoflow

  1. First, Last name of client or a business name.
  2. Cell phone in the proper phone field
  3. Vehicle year, make and model must be entered.
Mitchell 1 Additional Data Collected

Additional Data Collected (not required)

  • Email
  • VIN / License / Mileage
  • Est/RO#
Mitchell 1 Adding Symptoms
Mitchell 1 Autoflow Reason Vehicle is here

Adding Symptoms, RVH

  • The RVH field in Autoflow can be auto-populated with the note fields in your repair order.
  • This can be disabled in the adapter settings if your shop uses notes that you do NOT want to have transferred into the Autoflow DVI.
Mitchell 1 Select a Status

Select a Status

  • Go to the WIP screen in Mitchell
  • Assign a status for the ticket you wish to send to Autoflow
    • Default status is usually “Checkin” (See Status Mapping for more details) You can name this whatever you prefer.
  • Ticket will appear in Autoflow within 10 seconds. Refresh your Autoflow page to verify.

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