M1 – User Mapping

Tech and Service advisor assignments in Mitchell 1 will transfer into Autoflow. Map users with these steps.

Mitchell 1 Technician Setup

Step 1: Verify the Employee Code in “Technician Setup”

  • Navigate to Technician Setup from the Configurations menu.
    • This is also where you manage your Service Writers
Mitchell 1 employee mapping

Step 2: Select the employee you are mapping

  • Highlight the user you are mapping and click edit.
Mitchell 1 employee code

Step 3: Note the Employee Code (or add one)

  • Users that have multiple roles (i.e. function as a tech and an advisor) will want to have two separate codes per role.
Mitchell 1 manage users Autoflow

Step 4: Go to your “manage users” page in Autoflow

  • Add the SMS Username to your users profile in Autoflow
  • These codes can be added and changed at any time after user creation.
Mitchell 1 Autoflow User Mapping

Results: Users will appear assigned on tickets in Autoflow

  • User mapping is ideal for ensuring tickets in each system are properly assigned.
  • Assign in Mitchell 1
  • Prioritize in Autoflow using SetPriority or TechFlow

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