Mitchell 1​ Integration Training

​Ticket Transfer – Basic Data Pull

Integration with Mitchell 1 allows for simple ticket transfer to your Autoflow dashboard.  Client and vehicle information imports directly to Autoflow.

Step by Step Walkthrough

User Mapping

Technician and service advisors assigned to tickets will be automatically assigned in Autoflow. This article shows the simple steps required for user mapping.
Step by Step Walkthrough

Status Mapping

Map your Mitchell 1 status with Autoflow workflow or manage your workflow entirely in Autoflow.
Step by Step Walkthrough

Digital Work Order Generation

Instead of printing technician worksheets out of Mitchell 1, send your technicians the digital work order. Save ink and track allow techs to type notes and document incidentals.
Step by Step Walkthrough

Adapter Properties

The new Mitchell 1 adapter runs reliably in the background and includes a graphical UI to allow administrators to toggle key features with no need to contact Autoflow support.
Step by Step Walkthrough

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