Omnique Status Sync

Setting up Omnique RO Statuses

Setting up Omnique RO Statuses

To add, modify, or remove Omnique RO Statuses, follow the outlined procedure below:

  1. Select Configuration from the left navigation menu.
  2. Select the RO Statuses menu.
Adding or Editing Omnique RO Statuses

Adding or Editing Omnique RO Statuses

  1. You can edit an existing RO status by selecting the edit icon.
  2. You can add new RO statuses by clicking the Add button.

Note: Repair Order statuses in Omnique must match the Autoflow workflow statuses exactly. Spelling and capitalization are required to match for the statuses to sync correctly.

Bi-Directional Status Sync

Status Sync
Status Sync WF
  1. User can set initial status in Omnique (See Ticket Transfer)
  2. Then subsequently update statuses from both the Omnique RO Status list and the Autoflow status board. Both methods will sync the status in the opposite system.

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