Digital Vehicle Inspection Results Pushed to Protractor

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Protractor Concern Notes as RVH - Reason Vehicles Here

Concern Notes as RVH

To ensure technicians perform inspections with the main concerns well in mind, Autoflow pulls all concern notes from Protractor as the “Reason Vehicle is Here.”

Additional items are synced with Protractor

  1. Concerns – These appear at the top of the DVI. Notes entered in Autoflow will push into Protractor as Tech Notes on the Protractor WO when submitted. (see below)
  2. Inspection Mapping (spell matching required) – Ensure Techs will open into the proper sheet. (see DVI Administration)
  3. Mileage can be input in either Protractor or Autoflow. Autoflow sends updated mileage when the DVI results are submitted. (see below)

Note: Key vehicle information is transferred to Autoflow from protractor at the moment of ticket transfer.

Push DVI results to Protractor

Push Digital Vehicle Inspection results to Protractor SMS

  1. Technician sign off in Autoflow is required to enable push
  2. Tech or Service Advisor clicks the “DVI Push” or “SMS” (Shop Management System) button to send results to Protractor.
  • Buttons are located on both the top and bottom of the DVI
Instant Autoflow DVI Results in Protractor

Instant Autoflow DVI Results in Protractor

  1. Open the ticket in Protractor
  2. Click the Inspection tab
  • Only items clicked on in the Autoflow Digital Vehicle Inspection will appear.
  • Mileage will be entered into Protractor if it was added in the Autoflow DVI.

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