Protractor DVI Setup and Administration

Administrators can make the most of the Digital Vehicle Inspection integration with these helpful features.

Ensure your technicians perform the proper inspection in Autoflow as indicated on your Protractor Work Order.
Setup Inspections In Protractor

Setup Inspections In Protractor

  1. Goto Inspections in Protractor Setup
  2. Select your existing inspection to map or create a new one. You don’t need to create line items. Leave the inspections in Protractor Blank. (Autoflow fills in the line items when pushed in.)
  3. Add this EXACT code: Autoflow (Our support tech will have one in here already with this code)
  4. Match this title to the inspection you are mapping it with in Autoflow
  5. You can add any labor, price, or description you like. This information is not critical for Autoflow

Optional:  Update name of inspection in Autoflow

Optional: Update name of inspection in Autoflow

  1. Goto your admin menu
  2. Goto DVI Sheet Setup
  3. Select the sheet you wish to map
  4. Update the name of your Autoflow inspection to match any inspection in Protractor.

Important: You MUST have the code Autoflow entered in Protractor.

Spell matching will only ensure that a properly coded inspection will be opened by default when the tech clicks the DVI button. The code Autoflow is critical for the ability to push in DVI results.

Tip: If no inspection is on the WO in Protractor, Autoflow will add one that contains the Autoflow code.

Map Services for common general service items.

Setup Service Package Mapping in Autoflow and Protractor

Setup Service Package Mapping

  1. Ensure you have a code for each service package. You can make any code you like for this.
  2. in Autoflow click on “SMS Code”
  3. Enter the code exactly as it appears in Protractor

When set, anytime the DVI line item is marked Red or Yellow, the service will be automatically added to your WO or into Deferred Services

Integration Options

Go to Integration Setup in Autoflow

Go to Integration Setup in Autoflow

  1. Allow Theme – Match UI color schemes with Protractor if desired
  2. Enable Status Sync – (this is required for ticket transfer) Only disable this if you want to temporarily disable tickets from transferring to Autoflow

    Note:This can be useful if your shop is in the process of switching to Protractor from another SMS. Turn this on when you go live!

  3. Appointment Sync – Disable this if you do not want your customers to be notified of appointments.
  4. Deferred Service – Say YES to this if you prefer for mapped service packages added from the DVI to be inserted into Deferred Service, rather than being planted directly on your neat and tidy WO!
  5. Protractor Work Order Integration – Enter codes for jobs or line items that do not need to be visible to techs on the Digital Work Order in Autoflow (this is related to WO generation, not the DVI)

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