Protractor Status Mapping

Turn hard coded Protractor statuses into a fully customized/communication enriched workflow.

With total workflow customization possible in Autoflow,
Protractor users can associate the statuses in Protractor however they like.
Map Protractor Statuses from Workflow Setup in Autoflow

Map Statuses from Workflow Setup in Autoflow

  1. As the Admin User, go to Workflow Setup
  2. Scroll to the section below your preview of the workflow
Edit the autotext,me statuses, one at a time

Edit the statuses, one at a time

  1. Click the title of the status you wish to edit.
  2. Click the Protractor Status drop down and choose the one you are mapping here.
  3. Click Save!
  4. Repeat for each additional status, one at a time.
Protractor Status
Mapped Autoflow Status:  EST (Estimating)

Protractor Status:

Inspection Completed

In this example, the ticket was saved in protractor with the status “Inspection Completed”

This was done after the DVI had been imported and the ticket was ready to be estimated.

Mapped Autoflow Status:

EST (Estimating)

Mapped Autoflow Status: EST (Estimating)

This resulted in moving Joe Paluka to the EST status from the Dispatched status.

Tip: In Protractor, you can save tickets in any status you wish, but some actions will cause a default to certain statuses. For example, some shops prefer to map the protractor status “Inspection in Progress” to their Autoflow “Checkin” status.

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