ROW Adding tickets to Autoflow

From RO Writer

To your Autoflow Dashboard

Transfer Criteria:

For a transfer to occur, your ticket must contain these items:

  • Client first and last name or business name
  • Mobile number in the “cell” field
  • Vehicle Year/Make/Model
  • Ticket must have an “Arrived Date” showing current date.
  • You must select a mapped status.

Step 1:  Customer Information & Vehicle Info

  • Navigate to the parts and Labor tab to verify your client information is complete
  • Phone 1 is the best field for a mobile number, if your shop is different inform Autoflow during setup
  • Fill in any missing information

Step 2:  Verify the Arrival Date / Add Reason Vehicle is Here (RVH)

  • Navigate to the Service Requests tab
  • Verify the arrival date is today’s date.  (If you created it today, you shouldn’t have to worry about this.)
  • Optional – Enter the customers concern using the Customer Request field.   – This information will transfer to your technicians DVI sheet and be included in the clients report later.  (This must be done prior to step 3.

Step 3: Update the status to send the ticket to Autoflow

  • Navigate to the “Other Information” tab.
  • Click Change Status
  • Select the Status mapped to your Checkin step.  (This may vary by location, Autoflow will ID this during setup.)

Create RO Writer Ticket with RVH Overview Video

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