ROW User Mapping

Service Writer and Technician Assignments in ROW

Equal Assignments in Autoflow

Step 1:  Confirm the “Technician or Service Writer Code”


  • Tech code found under menu Configuration -> Labor -> Technicians


  • SW code found under menu Configuration -> Repair Order -> Service Writers


  • Tech or SW code can be numbers or letters and may not match the “Employee Code” found elsewhere in RO Writer

    With the technician or service writer code identified, return to “Manage Users” within Autoflow.

Step 2: Manage your users in Autoflow

  • Navigate to your Manage Users screen in Autoflow
  • Click the edit button next to the employee you are mapping
  • Add the code from ROW to the SMS username field in Autoflow

For additional training on how to manage users in Autoflow see visit the Administrator Training pages.

Finally:  Your staff will be appropriately assigned in Autoflow on your active customer page.

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