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Automated Retention Strategies Learning to use Autoflow Rainy Day Folder


February 23, 2023    
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

If inspections are the center of the visit, they should also be the focal point of our retention strategy.

In this webinar, we’ll be going in-tool and on-screen with Autoflow trainers to see how you can leverage the Rainy Day Folder feature.

Regardless of your shop management system, or your level of integration, the DVI in Autoflow is tuned to ensure you have all you need to clearly communicate with clients regarding items needing to be addressed both now and further down the road.

By attending, you and your advisors will become better equipped to be consistent in your ability to manage inspection results to make follow-ups both accurate, and automatic.

Topics Include:

Leveraging the Rainy Day Folder
All the ways to manage Yes/No toggles in the DVI
Client Views of the Rainy Folder / Addressed vs. Unaddressed
Text Manager Advanced strategies
Shifting Rainy Folder to Automatic
Using QC to catch DVI items addressed or not
Existing Autoflow users, new users, or prospective clients are encouraged to attend. The topics are behavior focused and benefit anyone, but specific features of autoflow will be demonstrated.

Q&A is welcome via lively chat. We’ll attempt to answer all questions on air.

The recording will be shared directly with all registered attendees.