Confidence at the Counter – The Power of Compelling Speech

Webinar | Confidence at the Counter - The Power of Compelling Speech
As this webinar formed, the latest results from the JD Power survey for the aftermarket were released.

The Aftermarket Service Index (ASI) report had good news for the aftermarket, but lousy news for Service Advisor satisfaction. Could communication skills be to blame? We think so. The report concludes that customers have cited, long wait times and fewer advisors providing helpful advice. There is also lower satisfaction with service advisor courtesy.

Host Craig O’Neill is joined by guests, Vic Tarasik, Maryann Croce, and Chris Cloutier to discuss the power of compelling speech.

Our panel of aftermarket experts is all veteran Toastmasters passionate about speaking.

Topics Include: – Speaking Strategies for Advisors – Creating your personal brand – Phone Skills vs. In-Person Interactions – Why Toastmasters might benefit your team Q&A for our panel will be received through lively chat. This webinar will be recorded and shared for all registrations.

0:00 – Introduction
3:50 – Poll Results
7:50 – 7 C’s of Effective Communication
11:53 – JD Power Aftermarket Service Index
21:04 – Most Trusted Brands
33:00 – A Case for Toastmasters
49:20 – Remarkable Results Toastmasters
55:25 – Recap
58:18 – Conclusion

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