Don’t be Cringe! How Generation Affects Perception

Don't be Cringe!

In an industry slow to change, it’s no surprise that many shops struggle to connect with new generations. Let’s talk about this.

We are joined by our guest and subject matter expert Sara Fraser from Hass Performance Consulting.

Sara makes generational discussions fun and enjoyable as well as eye-opening, so if you are looking to better understand and engage the younger generation.

Topics Include:

– Meeting the next generation where they are
– How are Millennials similar/different than Gen Z
– Building trust with Gen Z.

0:00 – Introduction
6:57 – Generations Today
9:30 – Technology Timeline
12:30 – Event Timeline
16:45 – Millenial Compared to GenZ
19:58 – Communication Preferences
21:53 – Building Trust
25:22 – Selling to GenZ
40:45 – GenZ in the Workplace
55:28 – Every Village Shoutout
55:57 – Conclusion

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