Scheduler Widget

Client View: Autoflow scheduler on your website

Scheduler Widget 1.1

To Begin: Your website developer will need to install the widget on your site.

Ask your web-dev to contact

Client View: Website Modal

Scheduler Widget 1.2

When prospective clients click on the button it will open the Autoflow scheduler kiosk opens as a modal.

The Kiosk is customizable and can capture the following:

  • Client Name and Contact information.
  • Answers to questions formatted by the shop.
  • Service Items requested.
  • Appointment Time/Date selections (based off availability structure of the shop settings).
  • Signature capture.

Upon completing the appointment, an immediate text confirmation is sent to the client and is added in Autoflow.

Advisor View: Autoflow Notifications / Details

Scheduler Widget 2.1
  • You will receive a notification in your bell in the upper right.
  • Appointment will be added to your Future Scheduled Appointments.
  • All KIOSK questionnaires and service requests will be in the ticket details.
  • To learn more about notifications visit our training page User Settings.
  • Some integrations also add the KIOSK appointments to your SMS: Protractor Curb Side How To.

Advisor View: Confirmation Email

Scheduler Widget 2.2
  • When an appointment is added through the online scheduler you will receive an email with details.
  • The receiving email is the one/s set as the Business Email in the Company Setup page. To learn more visit our training page Company Setup

To learn how to setup your Scheduling Kiosk please reference our training page Contactless Check-in and Scheduling

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