Widget Texting

Website Widget

Web Widget
  • Autoflow can coordinate with your web-master to provide a texting box which can be added to your site.
  • This will display your one or more of your locations.

How It Works

How it Works
  • User enters name and mobile number.
  • User types message to the shop.
  • If new client, a profile is created.
  • Message appears in Autoflow for your staff to reply via text or call back.

Notification in Autoflow

Notification in Autoflow
  • The message appears as a text notification to service writers.
  • Click the notification to open the client’s profile.

Replying to Website Texts

Replying to Website Texts
  • The text thread will be contained in the client profile. This is the same place all non-visit-related communication is stored.
  • Any replies made to the customer will be sent to the phone number that they listed. Just like a regular text.
  • The client is not required to remain on the website.

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