Schedule incoming work and events within Autoflow.

Make scheduling simple by managing appointments in a single application.

Open the Calendar (Admins and Service Writers)​

  1. Open from the button between SetPriority and TechFlow
  2. Open from your user menu
  3. Open from the “Future Scheduled Appointments” Tab

Note – Technicians are unable to see or use the calendar.

Choose Your View

  • Month View
  • Week View
    • Day Grid or Time Grid
  • Day View (like the time grid in week view but easier to see details)
  • List View
    • List Week or List Month

Filter By Type

Schedule based on all or some information. You can also look back on previous weeks to get a more clear understanding of how many jobs were closed out.

Job Types Filters Include:

  • Appointments
  • Active Jobs
  • Closed Jobs
  • Events

Filter by Staff

Alternatively, you can filter your calendar by staff members.

By assigning appointments to techs and advisors you can build manage expectations and track availability much more clearly.

Calendar with Self Checkin / Scheduler

Tickets made in Autoflow calendar will be recognized by your Checkin/Scheduler. You preferences for scheduling and availability will be properly blocked off and clients will not be able to select unavailable times.

For more on administrating your Checkin/Scheduler, see this page: Kiosk Setup

Shop Management System Integration

You can leverage SMS integration to sync tickets from your SMS to Autoflow, further ensuring your appointments are visible to your Autoflow online scheduler.

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