M1 – Status Mapping

Map any Mitchell 1 status with Autoflow.

Administrators can choose how to match.

Mitchell 1 Status Mapping

Spell Match your Status

  • Mitchell 1 allows you to create an entire table of status’
  • You can choose to map all, or only key status’
Mitchell 1 Status Mapping

Select a Status in Mitchell 1

  • Select a status from the drop down
Mitchell 1 Autoflow

Understanding the function

  • Autoflow status can be moved forward by updating Mitchell 1, but not backwards.
  • Initiating status change in Autoflow will NOT update Mitchell 1 status
  • Only ONE status has to be mapped to trigger transfer into Autoflow. Further mapping beyond the initial status is optional.
  • Tickets can auto-close out of Autoflow after converting to invoice and posting the order.
  • Removing or deleting a ticket in Mitchell 1 will not clear the ticket from Autoflow automatically.

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