How to Use the Digital Work Order

A Quick Start to Work Order

Access the Work Order anywhere in the web-app:

Techflow Access

The Dashboard

  • Click the WO button from the worksheet list.
  • If the status associated with the work order is selected, the WO button will show.
  • The dark blue buttons on the workflow (Desktop view) are not statuses. Click them to open the work sheet you wish in a single click.
Worksheet Access

From Other Worksheets

  • The DVI, WO, and QC worksheets use the same header.
  • Users can navigate from any worksheet to any worksheet.
Workflow Access

TechFlow/Set Priority

  • Cards for a ticket/vehicle allow users to access any worksheet directly.

Work Order Procedure

Track your progress on the ticket

Track Progress
  1. You can use timers to clock your actual time on an job.
  2. If you prefer, you can use the slider to track progress independently of time.
  3. You can start and pause your timers on jobs. You must click start to mark the job complete.
  4. Jobs assigned to another tech will be grayed out and cannot be modified by other techs. (Admins and service writers can modify any job)

Document your repairs

Document Repairs
  1. Edit notes to add relvant details. This is ideal for information that may be relevant in the future.
  2. Add images or videos showing details that are uncovered during repairs. Many items invisible or hard to see for the DVI are best documented here as the vehicle is apart.
  3. Tip: This can be used to help technicians to remember how things look prior to disassembly to ensure reassembly is accurate.

Sign off with submit

Submit Image
  • After all the jobs are done, click submit to preserve the data to this ticket.
  • You will see a notification reminding you to submit the WO after all jobs are marked complete.

Additional Functions

Additional Functions

Additional Functions
  1. Regenerate – This button is available to all users. Clicking will update the WO with the latest details from the shop management system.
  2. Changelog – This records all the activity on the WO.
  3. Push WO – This will send completed WO notes to your participating Shop Management Systems.
  4. Text/Email – This sends a text or email with WO details to clients. See Client Experience Here.
  5. PDF – This creates a printable PDF for clients that don’t have access to digital media.

Change Log

  • Work Orders have search enabled changelog just like within the DVI.
  • Full documentation of the actions performed by each user is recorded with the WO and are able to be recalled at any time in the future.
  • This allows a record for accountability far beyond the notes and clocked time.
  • TIP: Even deleted images can still be found in the changelog!

SMS History – At your fingertips

SMS History
  • Searchable Shop Management System history is available for all Level 5 integration partners.
  • Invoice details as written in the SMS appear cataloged in the history accordion.
  • Search for key terms to narrow search results quickly, or search by date or RO.

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