QC Sheet Usage

Access the QC Sheet

Access the QC Sheet

  • If the workflow is on the QC status, you will be able to open the QC Sheet by selecting the QC button under the client’s vehicle.
  • If you do not see the QC button under the vehicle, use the arrow to open your sheets menus and select the QC sheet.
Customer and Vehicle Information

Customer and Vehicle Information

  • Verify the customer and vehicle information in the top section.
  • Verify all previous sheets (DVI, WO) have been completed.
How to Complete the QC Sheet

How to Complete the QC Sheet

  • Go down the list of items that need to be checked.
  • Mark items Green if they are good.
  • Mark items red if they are not.
  • Mark them NA if they are not applicable.
  • Take any photos needed by using the camera icon.
  • If an item has been marked red, add and note as to what the issue is.
  • Once an item marked red has been addressed leave the line marked red and switch the Addressed toggle to Yes.
  • Use the Submit Report button at the bottom to complete the report.

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