Technician Preferences

How To Edit User Settings

Open User Settings

1. Select the User tab to open drop down menu

2. Select User Settings from drop down menu

Adding a Profile Picture and Updating Information

1. Make sure you have a professional photo uploaded to the device you are using, select + ADD PICTURE and Select the photo you want to use from you file.

2. You can edit your first and last name, email address and cell number, you can not edit username and job type.

3. Some shop management systems (SMS) require you to map your username to Autoflow, this is where you can add or edit that user name. Refer to the integration training page for your SMS.

4. Advisers Only: Here you can add your personal signature and direct dial number.

Notification Preferences

1. Make sure the device you are using has been subscribed.

2. Toggle on or off the notifications you would like to receive.

  • For advisers, we recommend all notifications turned on except Workflow Assignment. For Techs, Notification Sound, Internal Chat and Workflow Assignment should be on.
  • Note: Apple devices do not allow notifications from a website, notifications will not work. If notifications are not working on a non-Apple device make sure the browser is allowing notifications from the site.

DVI Preferences and Working Hours

1. You can choose if the categories of the DVI are expanded or collapsed when you open it.

2. If you are using from a tablet or mobile device, make sure you have “Default to camera” toggled on.

3. Set the number of hours you work.

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