Technician User Settings

Open User Settings

Open User Settings
  • Select the User tab to open drop-down menu.
  • Select User Settings from drop-down menu.

Note: User settings affect your user login, on all devices you use.

Profile Picture and User Information

Profile Pic and User Info
  • Upload a professional photo to your account.
  • You can edit your name, email address, and cell number.
    (Cell and email are for only used for password recovery or internal reminders, not client communication).

Note: You can not edit your username and job role.

Active Customer Page Preferences

Active Customer Page Prefs

Dashboard Preferences – add or remove information viewed on the dashboard.

  • Add a displayed completion time estimate to the active customer page.
  • Display the names and service write assigned to the ticket on the active customer page.
  • Whenever returning to the active customer page it will load all customers instead of just the customers you are assigned to.
  • Say YES to this feature to add Repair Order numbers to the active customer dashboard.

Device Notifications

Device Notifications

Notification preferences – Mitigate interruptions and choose how or if you are notified of certain actions.

  • The Blue box labeled “Subscribed Device(s)” Must be Selected on any devices you want to receive notifications on.
  • If you see this message then the device you are currently using is not subscribed.
  • Use this section to control the reasons you want to receive notifications.

Suggested Toggles for Techs: Yes to all notifications.

DVI Preferences

DVI Prefs
  • Collapse DVI Sections – Say yes to collapse DVI section on page load. – this ensures you have less to scroll through when the DVI is opened, particularly useful for shops with long inspection forms.
  • Default to Camera – Say yes to open your camera in one click from the upload button on a DVI line item.
  • Toggling Yes removes the ability to upload images from a file or use multi-image upload.

  • Change Default Image Markup Color – SAlways marking up red items? Make this red!

WO Preferences

WO Prefs
  • Expand WO Items – SSay yes for parts and labor to be automatically expanded when opening a WO.
  • Hide Vehicle Details – SSay Yes to this if you want the vehicle details to be hidden when opening your WO.

Tip: Our trainers advise users to toggle YES to both WO preferences.

Working Hours

Working Hours
  • Add your on-site hours (excluding break times) in this section for each day of your weekly schedule.
  • This is necessary for tracking productivity and efficiency on TechFlow.

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