Communication Package

Digitize your Workflow and take advantage of the best-in-class two-way text communication package developed specifically for the auto repair industry.


Avoid the Chaos

With a simple click of a button on an Autoflow customized workflow, a shop just solved two problems. Chaos and confusion are avoided among shop personnel with each vehicle being tracked throughout the repair process, while customers are simultaneously sent instant status updates, enabling them to stay informed and plan their day better.

Autoflow Workflow and Communication


The Driving Force

Communication is the driving force that fuels your workflow and the domino effect of benefits that follows. As communication gaps and delays diminish, wasted rack time is reduced, and your shop becomes more productive, streamlined, and profitable.

Autoflow Workflow and Communication


operate more efficiently

Calendar equips shops with the ability to more effectively manage and oversee their operations. View your schedule and tasks at hand displayed in either a day, week, month, or simple list format.


Increase your Five Star Reviews

Multi Link Follow-up and Review

Multiple Link Follow-Up and Review

Send customers a follow-up message that includes a link to a mobile-friendly landing page, which allows them to choose from up to four social review sites that have been preselected by the shop.

  • Customizable Title, Message Body and Footer,
  • Include your review links. Google Review, Facebook Review, Yelp Review and an optional custom link.
  • Include a Team Picture.

Customer Score

Easily track and manage customer sentiment with’s Customer Score.

  • Customizable rating thresholds
  • Customizable text responses
  • Full reporting on customer scores

Autoflow Add-Ons

Expand the power of your Autoflow system with third party integrations.

Text to Pay

Text to Pay means you never have to take a credit card number over the phone verbally, again.


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Technician Priority

Streamline your Technicians workload

Included Included Included

Service Reminders

Automated reminders for oil changes / state inspections

Included Included Included

Multiple Link Follow-up Text

Landing page with links for review sites

Included Included Included

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automatic response to inbound texts

Included Included Included
Digital Vehicle Inspection

DVI Customer Insights

Analytics on Customer Engaugement

Included Included

Rainy Day Folder

Resell previously declined DVI items

Included Included
Work Order


Measure and manage your technicians’ workload

Quality Control
Rewards & Referrals
Internal Chat
Contactless Check-In/Scheduling
Autoflow Add-Ons
License Decoder + $30.00 Included
Motor + $20.00 Included


Requires AutoNetTV Subscription

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Moto Visuals

Requires Moto Visuals Subscription

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360 Payments | Gravity Payments | BASYS

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EasyPay Finance

Requires EasyPay Subscription

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Setup Fees
Overage Charges
Software Updates
Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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Answers to Your Questions

Does Autoflow require a contract or long-term commitment?

No Contracts, No Commitments.

Are there Setup fees?


Can I cancel at anytime?


Is there a free trial period?

2 Week risk free trial.

Are there user or device limitations?


How long does it take to implement Autoflow into my shop?

The two-week fully-featured trial can usually be available same day as demo – trial includes integration, onboarding, and training for your team.