Kiosk Checkin / Scheduler

Autoflow Kiosk is designed to simplify even the busiest lobbies by leveraging the kiosk already in the customers pocket, their phone!

Kiosk can be used by the client to check-in their vehicle or schedule appointments.

Alternatively, the Kiosk can be a handheld check-in device held by counter staff, ensuring all details are entered and nothing is missed.

Checkin Kiosk

1.1 - Checkin QR Code-min

Checkin QR Code

Self Service Check-In

  • Guests can simply scan the QR code with their mobile device to initiate the check-in process.
  • Scanning the QR code takes the guest to Step 1 in the check-in process.

Note: This must be enabled in Kiosk setup to generate a printable QR code to display in your shop. For additional info on how to setup this feature visit Kiosk Setup

Checkin Kiosk – Step 1

Phone Number – Client/Staff Input

  • Enter a phone number
  • Click next

Note:  This can be any phone number, it does not have to be text friendly.

Checkin Kiosk – Step 2

Details – Client/Staff Input

  • If new client, enter name, address, additional contact info and vehicle info
  • If existing client, the number will be recognized and populate client info
  • Select previous vehicles or add a vehicle
  • Enter mileage
  • Click next

Checkin Kiosk – Step 3

Questionnaire – Client/Staff Input

  • Optional, clients can answer questions
    • These are customized by the admin
  • Click Next

Checkin Kiosk – Step 4

Service – Client/Staff Input

  • Select service from the menu options
    • These are customized by the admin
  • Add notes for additional requests
  • Click Next

Checkin Kiosk – Final Step

Review – Client/Staff Input

  • Review the data
  • Any errors or missing info will be highlighted red
  • Click Submit
  • Confirmation will flash on the green bars, and KIOSK will reset for next client.
  • Client will receive checkin text, if checkin status is loud in shop, and client did not opt out of updates.

Hand off from the Kiosk to the Active Customer Page

Service Advisors can be notified (If enabled) when a Kiosk checkin has occurred.
  • Notifications will be at the bell or via push notification.

  • Email notification is also delivered to shop email specified in Company Setup page

Additional Information for KIOSK additions is visible in the details section

Scheduler Kiosk

Steps 1-4 are identical  to  Checkin Kiosk

Select the date and time – Step 5

(Scheduler only)

  • Appointment slots will show availble if no other appointment is listed in Autoflow.
  • Select available slot
  • Click next

Review Form / Submit – Final Step

  • Before submitting, users can review their data
  • Click green bar to submit.
  • Page redirects upon successful submission
  • Client will receive instant text or email confirming apt. (scheduler only)
  • Shop will be notified.

Appointments immediately go to the “Future Scheduled Appointments” tab

Like the checkin kiosk, the scheduler places appointments directly onto the Active Customer Page. Click to expand the Appt. tab.

Service Advisors Notifications:

(if enabled)

  • Notifications will be at the bell or via push notification.
  • Email notification is also delivered to shop email specified in Company Setup page
  • Advisors can immediately text or call clients if a conflict in scheduling requires assessment.
  • Click Details tab under client name to see Kiosk form details, or refer to the email sent to the shop.

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