Customer Score

Go ahead and focus on great customer service, Autoflow will gather and track your feedback!

Not everyone wants to leave a review, but many clients will provide you feedback. Autoflow makes it simple to gather and present feedback in useful ways.


Customer Score Setup

Customer Score Setup

  1. Choose to include a review link (see Review Setup if you’d like to know more)
  2. Choose to deliver message after preferred number of days after ticket close and which time
  3. Choose to use default NPS standards or create your own scoring scale
  4. Choose to include the review link in any area message stage
  5. Customize your initial text and the response to each score category
  6. Test by text and Email! You’ll want to see each as the format is different for both methods

How it works

Automated Follow Up

Automated Follow Up

  • When a ticket is closed in Autoflow it goes to the Reminder Queue.
  • Staff can delete, edit, reschedule or personalize any queued message prior to their scheduled date.
  • Administrators and Service Writer logins can access Reminders from their user menus.
  • Scheduled messages are automatically delivered on the scheduled date and time. (Defaults time can be set from your follow up setup page.)
Client Response - Text

Client Response – Text

  • Clients reply to the initial text directly in the conversation thread, no need to click any links.
  • 1-10 number input.
  • Based on score, subsequent reply will implore for further feedback.
  • Customers reply will be recorded in reporting and for future visits.
Client Response - Email

Client Response – Email

  • The option to send follow ups via email is in your clients profile.
  • Clients will receive the email and see a familiar survey format.
  • Clicking the survey opens a feedback page for comments which can be collected.
  • Clients can choose weather they would like a follow up conversation or not.

What You’ll See

Autoflow Dashboard Visual - NPS

Dashboard Visual

  • Staff will see the clients avg feedback in an icon.
  • Icons are a gradient based on average customer score.
  • Icons also factor in text-sentiment analysis based on positive, negative, or neutral message assessments.
NPS View Details from the Dashboard

View Details from the Dashboard

  • Click the “face” icon to see additional details and all the clients comments from previous visits.
Autoflow Customer Score Report

Customer Score Report

  • Reporting is available on any of the key metrics you wish to track related to score.
  • View averages for each staffer, the shop, and see feedback.
  • Scores can be adjusted by the admin in the event a score was miss-typed by the client.
  • Click the blue text icons to view the context of the visit in full conversation.

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