Getting Started

Reminders Page 1
  1. Advisors or Admins have access to reminders.
  2. Select Reminders from your drop-down menu.

Reminders Main Page

Reminders Page 2
  1. Customize reminder templates.
  2. Write your own message to a customer or member of your staff.
  3. View your recent customers and review information about their visit.

Customize Message and Delivery Date

Reminders Page 3
  1. Select the blue “Edit Message” box to customize a message to your liking.
  2. In the Scheduled Date box you can choose a different date and time for your message to deliver to a select customer.

Reminder Templates Page

Reminders Page 4
  1. Customize your oil change reminders for your customers.
  2. Select to edit templates for follow-up, rainy day folder, appointment reminders.

For more information on Follow-Up Templates go here.

Custom External Reminder

Reminders Page 5
  1. Select customer reminder.
  2. Enter the customer’s name.
  3. Select a template. (optional)
  4. Edit the selected template or compose your own message.
  5. Select a date and time for the reminder to deliver.

Internal Reminder

Reminders Page 6
  1. Select internal reminder.
  2. Select the staff member to send a reminder to.
  3. Compose your reminder.
  4. Select a date and time for the reminder to deliver.

Tire Rotation Reminders

Reminders Page 7
  1. In the Multi Axle Tire Inspection select the tire rotation reminder box to enable it for the customer.

For Multi Axle Tire Inspection setup go here.