Rainy Day Folder

Don’t wait for the phone to ring, follow up on missed opportunities using the Rainy Day Folder.

Clients now have confidence with the validity of your marketing follow-ups. The attached Autoflow DVI assures your client that the items that your advisors recommendations are genuine.
Rainy Day Folder unauthorized items

Rainy Day Folder is based on unauthorized items in the DVI

  • Proper usage of the DVI involves tracking which jobs are approved and which are not.
  • Advisors use the Yes/NO toggle in the Autoflow DVI during the sales call or before closing a ticket
  • The Rainy Folder will include Yellow (!) or Red (X) items that are NOT marked “yes”
Rainy Day Folder accessed from Service Advisers menu

Advisors access the Rainy Day Folder from their user menus

Determine a frequency you would like to require your team to engage the opportunities waiting for you in the folder. Consider designating a “reservationist” and task them with generating appointments from these visits.
  1. Click your user menu
  2. Select the Rainy Day Folder
Rainy Day Folder date range selection

Determine a date range to review tickets with unapproved items

  • Click the orange button to verify the items have not been sold already
  • Click the blue Read-Only button to view the DVI
  • Click the blue re-send button to open directly to the sending modal without reviewing
  • Items highlighted in green have been notified, the last date is noted in the right column
Rainy Day Folder review items validity

Audit the validity of the report before sending

  • Clicking the orange button opens a modal which allows you to audit, review, and send the report
  • Compare your unapproved Rainy items with your clients repair history to ensure you didn’t miss indicating prior authorization
  • It is important to review items to maintain the validity of your reminders.
  • If you performed a repair, you can click the “No” to turn it into a “Yes” A second prompt will ask you to confirm this irreversible action.
Rainy Day Folder send both Text & Email

Send the reminder via text/email

  • Confirm the phone number and email for your client
  • Type a customized or personal message in the main body. Keep this short and concise to maintain deliver-ability via text. (longer messages should be emails).

Client receives text with link to DVI

You can customize your message template.
Rainy Day Folder Text Example

Inspection Includes Appointment Link

Shops can use Autoflow Scheduler/KIOSK or
embed their own website calendar link.
Rainy Day Folder inspection includes appointment link

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