Shop-Ware Status Sync​

Two way status sync allows for Shop-Ware and Autoflow to remain accurate as tickets progress.

Shop-Ware Status Setup

Shop-Ware Setup

  • In Shop-Ware you go to Account Settings > Statuses
  • Add or Modify Statuses to taste using Shop-Wares customizable statuses
Autoflow Workflow Setup

In Autoflow go to Workflow Setup (in your admin menu)

  1. Click grey box to open the status you aim to sync
  2. Ensure the Graphic Title is spelled identical to the spelling of the status being synced in Shop-Ware
  3. Click Save
Shop-Ware and Autoflow Status Sync in Action

Status Sync in Action

  • Tickets are added to Autoflow from Shop-Ware by selecting a status (any mapped status can be used to add a ticket)
  • Shop-Ware status changes can move Autoflow tickets forward.
  • Autoflow status changes can move Shop-Ware forward and backwards
  • Status Changes sync in real time.

Pro Tip:

Most Autoflow / Shop-Ware users update statuses in Autoflow which is used as the primary communication interface.

Shop-Ware Status Sync Walk-thru Video