Shop-Ware User Mapping

Assiging your users in Shop-Ware ensures matching assignments in Autoflow.

Setup Staff in Shop-Ware

Setup Staff in Shop-Ware

  • User mapping in Autoflow is based on Email for your staff in Shop Settings.
  • Click the gear next to a user
  • Confirm emails for each user on your staff that has a login with Shop-Ware
  • Note: Autoflow does NOT require that you have users in both systems.
Manage Users and Setup Mapping in Autoflow

Manage Users and Setup Mapping in Autoflow

  • From your admin menu, select “Manage Users”
  • Click the pencil to “edit information”
  • Add the email for the staff member from Shop-Ware to the SMS Username field.
  • Click Save
Shop-Ware assigned users appear on tickets in Autoflow

Assigned Users Appear on Tickets in Autoflow

  • The assigned technician will appear in Autoflow
  • Priority assignments in Autoflow are based on order of transfer until set otherwise.
  • Users cannot assign in Autoflow to alter Shop-Ware. Best to Assign in Shop-Ware and prioritize in Autoflow

Important to note: Switching assignments in Autoflow does NOT update Shop-Ware (at this time) Watch for updates to this integration in the near future!

Shop-Ware User Mapping Video Walk-thru