Shop-Ware Ticket Transfer

Create your ticket in Shop-Ware and apply a status.

Be sure your ticket has all the qualifiers required to transfer:

  • Customer Name (for business or single names, use the last name field)
  • Year, Make, Model of a vehicle
  • A phone number (Mobile or Cell is ideal)
Shop-Ware Add Customer

Add Customer and Vehicle in Shop-Ware

  • Add customer through the “customers tab” or clicking “New Estimate
Shop-Ware required ticket criteria

Add Service

  • Ensure all name, number, and YMM are set (ALL are required ticket Criteria)
  • Optional- Add a Service to the ticket. This is not necessary to transfer the ticket to Autoflow.
Shop-Ware Start Job to convert to a Repair Order

Start Job to convert to a Repair Order

  • Click on Start Job
  • Autoflow will not transfer estimates
Shop-Ware set a Status

Set a Status

  • Select a status
  • Checkin is ideal for the initial status, but a ticket can be transferred to ANY status that is mapped to Autoflow See Status Mapping for additional details.

As soon as you select a mapped status, the ticket will appear in Autoflow

Shop-Ware to Autoflow transfer complete
Shop-Ware Profile data is transferred with the ticket

Profile data is transferred with the ticket.

  • All required fields: Name, Phone, Year, Make, Model
  • Shop-Ware Invoice Number
  • License Plate (if entered)
  • VIN (if entered)
  • Mileage (if entered)
  • Client Email address (if entered)

Shop-Ware Ticket Transfer Video Walk-thru