Master Report

Key Report Metrics

Key Report Metrics
  • Check-ins (First Status) – Total customers added to your Autoflow Dashboard during the selected date range
  • Customers Closed – Total customers closed from your Autoflow Dashboard during the selected date range
  • Customers Engaged – Total customers with activity on your Dashboard during the selected date range
  • Customers Engaged via Texts – Total customers on your Autoflow Dashboard that received text messages from your shop during the selected date range
  • Digital Vehicle Inspections – Number of DVIs completed
  • DVI’s Sent – Total number of DVI’s completed and sent to customers
  • Quality Control – Number of QC Inspections completed

Graphical Representation of Data

Graphical Representation of Data
  • Use the data to visualize trends within your shop
  • Choose Line or Bar Graph Styles

Daily Numbers View

Daily Numbers View
  • View your numbers by the day over your selected date range
  • Autoflow highlights your best day in each category


  • Why does my shop have more Customers Closed than Check-ins?
    • This is usually due to overlap in the reporting period. There were customers on your Autoflow Dashboard at the beginning of the reporting period that got closed out during your reporting period. This results in Customers Closed being greater than Check-ins.
  • What is the difference between Customers Engaged and Customers Engaged via Texts?
    • Customers Engaged indicates how many times a customer had activity within Autoflow. This could have been a status change, an email, or a text message. Customers Engaged via Text is a count of the customers who received text messages, automated or manually sent, from your shop’s Autoflow tool. In both numbers, customers receiving multiple texts or engagement activities are only counted once per day over the chosen date range of the report. A customer that was on your shop’s dashboard could have engagement over multiple days in the event of carryover.
  • What does the Master Report tell me?
    • The Master Report is a general view of the overall activity within the shop. Is your team using DVI’s? Is your team engaging customers via text message? Is your shop following your Quality Control plan? This report is a high-level overview that is used to gauge trends within your shop.
  • What is the difference between DVI’s Completed and DVI’s sent?
    • DVI’s completed is the total number of DVI’s that were completed by your technicians. DVI’s sent is a count of the number of DVI’s completed that were actually sent to customers. Are your Service Advisors presenting necessary maintenance and repairs identified by your team during the inspection process to your customers for purchase? Is your team passing up opportunities to increase sales and Average Repair Order (ARO)?

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