March 2024 Release Notes


DVI Features:

    • New Ability – Advisors can now rearrange the order items appear for clients in the DVI microsite.  This action can be performed using the preview window within the send DVI modal.  Adjust individual line items by dragging and dropping them within their color status headers.  Also note – Advisors can now arrange the RVH concerns so the more important items can be viewed in the order you facilitate your discussion.  (Tagged item arrangements are unchanged) 
  • New Feature – Tech notes/findings/attachments are now displayed more prominently with a subtle ‘post-it’ note hue.  The goal is to help details stand out from the line item/category headers.  Take a look in the preview panel of your next DVI!
  • New Feature – Display the name of the assigned technician at the top of the DVI.
  • New File Type Standards – DVI image upload will receive the following file types:   jpg/jpeg/png/PDF and video files


  • New Ability – Advisors can now send a message to a new client simply from the text manager.  Open the text manager – click “Start a new conversation” – enter a number, name and a basic customer profile will be created – allowing you to text.  (Note: Be sure you have permission to text individuals before performing this action and remain compliant with TCPA communication requirements)
  • New Ability – Admins can now silent appointment confirmation replies with a new toggle in Company Setup (Option #9) – This eliminates alerts for those annoying “Y” responses that indicate clients confirmed the receipt of their appointment.  The confirmation still works – but this will reduce inbound response clutter and keep those inbound notifications relevant.  
  • New Feature – Text logs in all areas now display the complete message contents.  Specifically, the greeting and shop signature. 
  • New Feature – The “send email” tick box in the texting modal is now sticky.  This means if you click it for a client – this will always send the message by text and email for that customer until it is clicked again.

Further Enhancements:

  • Protractor Time Clocks are now real-time.  New settings must be toggled to see this effect.  1.)  In “Company Setup” a new option is added that that restricts job timers to only one job being able to be clocked in at a time.  2.) In integration setup you will see an option to Auto Push Work Order.  With this engaged – times will migrate to Protractor tickets when they are clicked and signed off.
  • Tekmetric data collection is now possible for all history.  Shops new to Autoflow that wish to market to their clientele no longer need to export a DB file.
  • Work Order History for all Level 5 integrations is now displayed on the WO in the same fashion that we display the WO history for the DVI.
  • Quality Control Sheets now have a new option to require images for certain QC items.  This is managed in QC Setup.  
  • Protractor – New SMS Code map search has been added to the line item recommendations in DVI Sheet Setup.  No more code lookups on alternate menus when mapping jobs!
  • Misc. security enhancements


  • Tire inspection results were not appearing taggable in the standard 2 axle tire inspection.  This had been corrected in the multi-axle tire inspection, and now is corrected in the original format as well.
  • The option to adjust tire statuses after selecting a sub status was missing and has been corrected.
  • A bug in the Customer Score email results was cutting off the 9-10 options on small screens.  This is corrected!
  • Repeat WO pushes in Protractor were causing notes to stack – this has been corrected.
  • VIN Scanner – No error message appeared in cases where the image was unreadable.  
  • Mobile Devices – Multiple minor improvements/corrections to user experience on DVIs.
  • Toggles for notification sounds have been corrected to behave as intended.
  • KIOSK time zone discrepancies have been addressed.
  • Imported DVI’s were not containing the VIDEO toggle settings (to allow videos per line item.)  Now imported sheets correctly export/import with those settings retained.
  • Tekmetric SMS job mapping search now contains all the jobs on DVI Sheet Setup.

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