January 2024 Release Notes


Marketing Module – Major Update – Marketing campaigns can now be managed through a new enterprise solution.

  • Campaigns can be created in a single site and replicated across multiple locations in the organization.

Marketing Module – Motovisuals Videos can now be included in Marketing Emails.

DVI Microsite Enhancements – Additional customizations are now enabled.
– Added new header descriptions for RVH / Vehicle Health / Tire sections.  

  • Based on feedback we changed the language on schedule appt button in the microsite to read “Schedule Next Appointment”

Integration Improvements – Tekmetric and Protractor

  • A search option is now available to find matching canned job packages and make mapping those packages to line items easier.

  • Protractor – Mileage is now pushed into Protractor along with the DVI results from Autoflow.

  • Protractor – Mileage is now pushed into Protractor along with the data in the WO push.

Dashboard Feature Added – A new Auto scroll ability is now available.

  • Users can toggle a setting in their individual user settings (Dashboard Preference #7)  If toggled yes, the dashboard will automatically scroll.  This request is for shops that have their main dashboards active on a large monitor.  Typical workstations will likely wish to leave this off.

Text Signature Toggle Added – Admins can now disable the shops main phone number from appearing in text message signatures.

  • This option is there for some specific use cases – and is useful for anyone who likes to introduce the phone number in other parts of the text message or perhaps those of you who really, really dislike phone calls.

iDVI – Improvements for TPA communication with repair facilities

Bug Fixes:

  • Text Manager – We corrected an issue causing the conversation to overflow outside the modal when double clicking a customer name

  • Multiple minor DVI bugs were addressed that affected- tire inspection, client microsite, PDFs, multiple DVI signoff counts in reporting, and note modals on smaller resolution screens.

  • Quarterly Sales Report – Significant corrections to the new quarterly sales report were made in this release:  Spelling errors, ability to see recent quarters of previous year, number formatting, and calculations.

  • Work Order bugs corrected affecting book time adjustments, and correcting a protractor integration issue that caused sublet work to appear as labor, also an issue with Omnique integration for timeclock push.

  • Misc small bugs in reminders, mobile view, apostrophe encoding

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