May 2024 Release Notes


Repair Estimate ApprovalApproval Microsite – We’ve added our first version of a customer approval microsite.  This is exciting, we know, but initially it will only benefit two integrations.  Protractor and Tekmetric.
Specifically, this benefits the Protractor users, as you now have a blazing-fast means of sending a text and an email for customers to digitally sign and approve.  

The approval form is based on jobs that are shown on the repair order, and pricing will match exactly what is on the screen with taxes and fees.  The client can only sign their approval for the full amount, and they will not be required to select jobs.  In this manner – advisors will conduct their sales call – and instead of verbal approval only, the client can be sent the digital form for signature. 

Protractor or Tekmetric users can request this feature to be toggled on directly via email to

Once enabled for a location – admins have a quick setup task:
> Select the “Repair Order Setup” from their admin menu.
> Modify disclaimer, default messaging, and if signature is required.  
> Most importantly will be the addition of the RO button on the workflow.  Admins must associate a status for the RO button. 

No automation will trigger a message.
To send an approval request is a deliberate action by the user after generating the RO in the Utility.

There is no risk of inadvertently sending an approval request!

DVI – The DVI Sheet Setup page has received two significant improvements for inspection administration that will enhance the users quality of life while making sheet modifications. 

  1. The Default sheet is now indicated in the dropdown menu.  
  2. Archived sheets are hidden from the dropdown unless the user ticks a checkbox to show them.  

DVI – Selecting predefined line-item notes on a mobile device users will see a [], [!], or [X] in place of the color-coding for mobile browsers that do not support colors.

DVI – The slim work-order viewable from the DVI now has it’s own side button on the right side of the DVI.  This is visible for any shops which have the Work Order enabled.

DVI – The client microsite now includes (Click for details) next to the headers for the RVH, Red/Yellow/Green, and Tire sections.

Bayflow – A new ability to isolate job tags has been added.  The idea is to enable users to see tickets that had a certain job item and NOTHING else.  This is useful for identifying vehicles with courtesy inspections and no sold items, as well as a number of other scenarios that involve diag or maintenance that overstay their time allotted in a bay.  Turns out… this happens a lot more than we anticipated, folks.

Service Reminders and Rainy Day Folder – Shops can now ensure that service reminders and rainy day folder texts will NOT go out on Saturday or Sunday.  Instead – the texts will be queued to deliver at the set time on Monday.  

WO parts List – The industry’s most clear parts status screen is now buffed with the ability to sort parts list by service advisor or technician.  This makes the WO parts list even easier to use as it permits users to have all the vehicles they are responsible for grouped together.  Now go thank those speedy parts drivers for delivering goods for more than one vehicle at a time!

WO – We improved the ‘Show / Add’ buttons in the Work Order to look more like actual buttons.  

WO – We took the shop management system job history search that is on the DVI, and placed it in the work order too!  Now you can search your job history while you create history!

Calendar – Autoflow calendar fans don’t go washing your hands… It’s not you.  Those sort filters on the list view are now sticky!  

MotoVisuals – We’ve added the MotoVisuals lookup to the Text manager.  Now you can share one-off videos by text message right from the conversation thread!  Another pioneering enhancement to the industry’s finest MV integration.

Rewards and Referrals – We’ve added a new option to print the rewards list from a PDF.  This will allow you to quickly produce a printout of your available points.  Some people really do like paper, it seems.

Slack Integration – We now allow the customer name to come through for DVI Signoff Notifications in slack.

Quick Add – Standalone users and folks who like adding tickets manually in Autoflow can now use the VIN and License Decoder in the quickadd modal! 


Bayflow Report – SW and Techs filters were conflicted when both were being used simultaneously.  The conflict is resolved. 

Marketing Module – When testing the {{Scheduler Link}} variable- test messages will now use a functional link so you know it works!

1st Mile Text to Pay – An issue with payment requests from text manager has been resolved

Text Manager – When using the Text Manager on the TechFlow page – the conversation type aheads were not operating properly.  Now they are.

Appointment Confirmations – The “Y response” notifications from emails are now being suppressed like texts were if the toggle to suppress is enabled.

Active Customer Page – A minor display bug causing overlapping name/vehicles was corrected, and vehicle updates from the main page are now being pushed properly when necessary.

AutoNetTV – The ANTV attached educational videos are once again displaying in their full beauty from the client view and preview screens.

DVI – Changing the DVI sheet was causing a duplication error in the tech banner.  This was corrected.

DVI – Mobile screens were not showing the license plate state dropdown – fixed it!

Calendar – Corrected minor errors when visits have an invalid status and prevented a freezing issue after week-to-month selection.  We know, it’s May now.  It shouldn’t freeze again.

QC – The text/email button needed to be hidden again from tech logins.  Good job, but you won’t find it this time, techs!

WO – Change log tracking on the work order was missing some details – now it tracks all the right details.

Scheduler – When appointment caps were set for 0 per day – the scheduler was taking that as the literal availability, instead of the intended ‘no limit’. We fixed it.   I guess that 0 was ‘cap’ as the kids say these days…  (They really do use the word cap to call out someone who is lying… we just learned this!.  No cap!)

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