Digital Repair Authorizations

Using the Repair Order Authorization utility to secure authorizations digitally.

Protractor and Tekmetric users have access to the first version of this new tool. Additional integrations will follow in future releases. To enable this feature for your shop – contact

NOTE:  Our support team is under instructions to NOT enable this feature for multi-shop operations unless directed to do so by a known account administrator.
We will log requests from multi-store operations – but kindly request you channel your interest in this feature to your account administrators!

We appreciate your understanding as approval regulations vary state by state, and may pose liability questions.


  • Assign an associated status for the RO button.

  • Toggle if you want signatures required (you do)

  • Type a disclaimer

  • Set a confirmation message clients will receive when approval is submitted/received (Coming Soon!  Text confirmations will not be sent at time of the code release 5.14.24)

  • Customize your default message to share with clients to the approval form.


  • Advisors generate the approval form from the items on the current WO.

  • Add / Remove jobs as needed

  • Regenerate as needed.

  • Send / resend as needed.

  • Clicking “Send Request” for Authorization opens preview.

Generate/Regenerate form:


Workflow Indicators:

Customer Authorized image

Confirmation Capture:

Repair Authorization Signature and IP capture

Client View:

Client View

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