Integrating 1stMILE with Autoflow Text-to-Pay is a simple solution to taking credit card information over the phone!

Getting Set Up

  • Contact Autoflow to have the integration activated

  • You will need 3 pieces of information from your 1stMILE account

    • Your Account ID

    • Your Sub ID

    • Your Merchant PIN

  • For help getting any of this information contact 1stMILE support at

  • From the admin menu go to Integration Setup and add your information to the 1stMILE section

How to Use

  • From either the Text button under the clients information or through the Text Manager select $ Payment from under the message box.
  • Select if you want to send this as an email as well as a text.

  • Attach any PDF documents if applicable. 

  • Fill out the amount owed.

  • Select Send Payment Text

What the Client Sees

  • When the client opens the link they will be taken to the micro site where they can see the total and any attached documents.

  • They can then select to Pay Invoice

  • The client will then fill out their Address and Payment Info.

  • Then Submit

  • Once submitted the client will see weather or not the transaction was accepted

  • If accepted they will see the Order Number

  • When the client returns to the micro site they will see a green banner showing that payment was received.

Payment Notification

  • The shop will receive a text showing the customer has paid the invoice

  • An email will be sent to the address setup as the Business Email Address setup in the Company Setup section of the Admin Menu

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