Edit the New Customer Micro Site

Navigate to your Micro Site Page

1_Client UI- Navigation-min

Admins navigate to the new setup page in their user menu.

  • Access your admin drop-down panel

  • Click on DVI setup

  • Click Customer DVI Setup

Color Customization

The Customer DVI Setup page is ideal for choosing just the right combination to represent your branding.

  • Click the paintbrush to change the color of text and background 

  • Choose colors for personalization to represent your shop Colors

Main Headers

Now, you can customize the page header clients will see.  Make a clear, concise message so clients know what to do with your inspections.  This can be done for the DVI, WO, or QC forms.

  • Click the header located near the PDF button.

  • Add a short default intro for your inspection form.

  • Click Update

Client Guide

4_Client UI - Client Guide-min

Client Guide Info

The client guide is a new feature that allows you to spell out for clients exactly what it means when an item is green, yellow, or red.  

  • Click the guide.

  • Enter the text that you want clients to see.

  • Click Update

Work Order and Quality Control Setup are also available here

  • Toggle between setting up your Micro Site for DVI, Work Order, and Quality Control 

  • You are also able to make a Default Selection on each drop-down view

Tip:  To brand these DVI’s for the customer, it is recommended to select colors that represent your shop.

Made a mistake? It’s easy to reset.

6_Client UI - Reset-min
  • You can click Reset all Color & Settings to restore your Micro Site back to default settings

  • You are now able to start the customization process again

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