DVI Sheet Setup

Understand the layout of the page

1.0 - Dropdowns and toggles-min
  1. Select the sheet you wish to edit.
  2. Here you can create a new sheet, or duplicate the selected sheet. Import or export .json files. Useful for sharing sheets with other locations.
  3. Sheet Name – Click to edit sheet name. Use the trashcan to delete this inspection.
  4. Sheet Toggles: Set one sheet as a default. Choose to include a graphical tire inspection. Choose a location on the form for the tire inspection, and if this sheet is being retired, archive yes/no.

Categories and Line Items

2.0 Cats and Items-min
  1. Add Categories – Use this option to add a new category to your inspection. As you do this, you’ll have the option to immediately add a list of items to this category.
  2. Tip: Build your inspection lists in a regular word-document. You can paste all your line items from that document while creating a category (each item as its own line) you can create entire sheets in a few short seconds this way.

  3. Click existing categories to edit category options.
  4. Add new items – Within an existing category, you can manually add items one at a time.

NOTE: Deleting or editing the name of a line item or category is NOT permitted after the sheet is used 20 times. This is to preserve data integrity. Locked sheets can be duplicated and archived. The new copy is able to be edited. (See video below)

Line Item Options

3.0 Line Item Toggles-min

Tip: Use requirements sparingly. If you are new to digital inspections, too many requirements make a sheet difficult to complete. Adding too many requirements often leads to worse results, not better.

Many line preferences can be edited at any time.

  1. Recommendations – This is where you customize selection lists for recommended repairs. (See Below)
  2. Allow Video – This enables videos (.mp4) to be recorded or uploaded to this line item.
  3. MotoVisuals Mapping – Pre-attach educational videos from MotoVisuals to line items.
  4. Add Sub Statuses at the Line item level (You can do this at the category level as well.)
  5. Required Status – For techs to sign off – Use this toggle to require a status (Green / Yellow / Red) is selected.
  6. Image Required – For techs to sign off – An image MUST be taken on each inspection for this item.
  7. Video Required – For techs to sign off – A Video MUST be attached on each inspection for this item.


Add Recommendations to Line Items

4.0 Recommendations-min

Tip: It’s a good idea to put all your notes in Global first. You can have them in multiple categories with no issue.

To reduce the need for typing common recommendations, pre-set selectable options for your technicians.

  1. Click the “R” next to any line item.
  2. Choose if you want the recommendation to be for any status (global) or only appear for Green/Yellow/Red.
  3. Type the recommendation here.
  4. Click Add! Your tech can begin using these recommendations immediately.

Tip: You can modify recommendations on locked sheets. Edits to these do NOT affect notes saved on any sheets. You can also map these recommendations to your findings in DVI Note Setup.

Sub Statuses

Sub Status Management

5.0 SubStatus-min
6.0 Statusts in action-min

You can go beyond the basic symbols for green/yellow/red and create your own sub-statuses.

i.e. add NA as an option under green items to indicate a line item is non-applicable to a particular vehicle. or OK to indicate “Checked and OK!”

  • Click the bullet icon in the category or line item.
  • Select the status you’d like to add a sub-status to.
  • Enter a two-letter abbreviation (this will appear on the shop view of the DVI ONLY.
  • Enter a note, if desired. (These notes will append to any other saved notes.)

Tip: Build your sub-statuses to compliment your exisiting DVI notes. The client will only see that the item is Green/Yellow/Red, they do not see additional details unless you include a note. This feature is aimed at speeding up technicians.

Commercial Tire Inspection

Autoflow - Commercial Tire Inspection

Click the Tire Inspection “pencil” to customize your tire inspection default

  1. Click the drop-down to choose default or multi-axle versions (commercial tires will want multi-axle.)
  2. Toggle the ability to set intervals for reminders within the DVI and template a default message.
    • Intervals and messages can be managed and edited later, these are merely default.
  3. Rename the axle or add/remove inner/outer tires (This can be done per axle.)
  4. Add/Remove additional axles.

Motorcycle / Powersports Tire Inspection

8.0 Motorcycle-min

Click the Tire Inspection “pencil” to customize your tire inspection.

  1. Click the drop-down to choose Motorcycle, Trike, or Side-Car.

Note: You can change the type of motorcycle on the fly in any DVI later if any one of the motorcycle options is selected.

Video Walk-Thru – DVI Sheet Setup

Digital Vehicle Inspection

Sheet Setup Basics

How do you edit a locked sheet?

Use duplication and archiving.

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