Review Page Setup

Set up your automatic follow up message with a simple thank you text, or a build out a well crafted multi-link review page.

Step 1:

Two ways to access the setup page

1.) From Company Setup

  • Scroll down to Preferences
  • Click the link in the “Send Follow up Message”

2.) From Workflow Setup

  • Scroll past the status setup section
  • Click the link under “Followup Message Setup”
  • Located above the appointment text customization fields

Step 2:

Choose your preferred follow up

Option 1: Message (default)

  • This format simply sends a thank you text
  • You can paste a review link in the main body of text if you wish
  • That’s it, your’re all set!

Option 2: Multi-Linked Review Page

  • This option automatically generated a {{REVIEW_LINK}} which will auto-generate a link to your review page
  • You can now link review sites for Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any other link to a custom review page
    • You MUST provide the URL for each site appropriately. Autoflow does NOT retrieve your links for you! Be sure to test your links in step 3!
  • This option also includes a preview and test function with additional customization options for your page.

Step 3:

Customize your Review Page

Customize Your Review Page

  1. Create a title or header
  2. Type out your sub message
  3. Enter a footer (if desired)
  4. Enter a team photo (if desired)
  5. Click Save & Reload Preview to see your changes
    • Note: The header format is identical to Autoflow DVI report for consistency across the visit.
  6. Test your message and your links by texting a sample to yourself or your team!

Queue Management

Control the flow of your followup

Review your follow up queue

  • Options to skip the follow up for clients exist here, with information on when the follow up batch will be released
  • You can also review skipped customers and re-approve them from the “skipped” tab
  • Review previously sent follow ups
Service advisors have access to the queue (but not the customization). Advisors access this queue from their user menus.

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